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Espresso has become a daily requirement for so many people. But rather than spend too much at the coffee shop, or take several minutes of hands-on work to fashion a beverage, what else can one do?

The Aroma 5500 machine is an all-in-one fully automatic machine that makes 12 drinks at the touch of a button. It grinds for each beverage, so you'll be getting the BEST and FRESHEST available.
Drinks include: espresso, coffee, mocha, latte, cappuccino, chai tea, hot chocolate, and some vanilla and/or caramel varieties. These machines are fully appropriate and cost effective for medium and larger businesses.
For offices, consider adding a dollar bill acceptor.... your employees will be able to get their "caffeine fix" in the break room instead of leaving the office.  Now there's a productivity booster!

Special Offer

Ask about our NO COST TO YOU PROGRAM. if your business qualifies, you'll receive the productivity benefits from an AROMA machine, at no cost to the company. There are several ways to accomplish this, and this program is serving many Puget Sound area businesses very well.


The Aroma 5500 grinds individually for every beverage.

The Aroma 4000 has a built-in Decaf option.

Snail mail and payments go to:
Espresso Dreams
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Phone: 253.732.5987


Is your curiosity piqued?  Email or call for more info, or possibly for a free demo at your business. Espresso Dreams is associated with espresso-etc.com. You may visit also their site for more info. Thanks!Cool
Note: we at ESPRESSO-DREAMS serve Seattle Washington and surrounding areas.  If you're interested but out of the area, please visit espresso-etc.com for assistance from the California office.

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